The wood and electrical workshop was located directly below North Cottage and was easily placed due to the location of the sawmill directly next to it. Entrance to the wood workshop was via the sawmill and half the space was specifically for working on wood materials and the other half was an electrical workshop but in later years it was just used to store crafted wood.

The Wood workshop and electrical workshops had their own entrance doors but were inter-connected with an internal door.

When my father was making the new Bulls Gate and new Flag Pole for the castle the wood workshop was frequently used.

In 1991 North Cottage above caught fire totally destroying it and severely damaging the wood workshop below it was never replaced. After the building was rebuilt the lower half of the building lay empty and now it is just used for storage. There were plans in the early 1990s to convert the former wood and electrical workshops into a coffee shop for visitors to the castle but this project never got off the ground.

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