The Toilet Shed is located opposite South Cottage and behind the Wash House and gets its name due to the fact it has a toilet in it. The shed had an unknown name prior to 1986 and was mainly kept locked but never used for anything specific.

It used to have a small coal stove and a sink and that was it all contained but its purpose was not known. It also gave access to the space above the wash house and Metal Workshop through a tiny hatch in the roof but this was mainly empty and never used. There was and still is a wooden wall ladder that gives access to the upper floor and is suggested that in the early to mid 20th century that barley, corn and other types or corn were stored here.

In the mid to late 1980s the shed was converted into toilets for the 1988 Clan Hunter gathering and any other visitors to use. The shed was given two toilets one male and one female with wheelchair access and ever since it has been known as the toilet shed and is shown as the door centre of image

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