Central Cottage comprises of two floors and is the building directly straight ahead within the courtyard, it has two bedrooms and living room on the upper floor and bathroom and kitchen/dining area on the lower floor.

Above the main door is a carving that has the initials of Robert Hunter and Christian McKnight Hunter and the date 1884.

The cottage has always been accommodation and has not changed since it was built. The cottage during the 1970s was resident to a widow of a farm worker and when she died the place lay empty for a few years and fell into disrepair. In the mid 1980s the whole cottage was renovated and turned into accommodation for visitors to the castle and also home to part of the castle shop on the ground floor.

In the late 1990s the part that was used as a shop was converted into one of the cottages as part of the south building complex

Central Cottage
Central Cottage
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