The estate at Hunterston had their own sawmill. It was used to make new fence posts and also wood for other purposes like making new gates like the Bulls gate. The sawmill was self contained and had its own diesel engine to operate it which was located in the engine shed. The engine was very powerful and used a thick leather belt to operate the saw mechanism.

The sawmill was destroyed when in 1991 north cottage caught fire destroying all the upper floors and most of the sawmill. After this it was never replaced and was removed never to be seen again. The sawmill had wooden roller shutter doors on either end, but only one was ever closed, the south facing door always stayed open.

The roof area of the sawmill is home to swallows nesting but also bats and the occasional blue tits looking for a safe dry place to rear their chicks.

The sawmill is directly facing on the image below, the other image is what it looks like now, just an open space.

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