The Telephone Shed was located between Garage 1 and the shop and its real name was West Cottage, the only reference to West Cottage was an inscription mentioning this which was etched into the door mantle. It was mainly used as a short cut to get from the sawmill to the metal workshop and was named the Telephone Shed as that is where the main telephone was located.

Prior to 1984 a public payphone (call box) was located here and this was the only means of communication we had while I was growing up as a child. Our living room window was always slightly open so if you heard the phone it was a mad dash to get out of Upper cottage, down the stairs, round the corner, through the yard and answer the phone before they hung up.

In 1984 a phone was installed in Upper Cottage and the payphone was removed from the Telephone Shed and after that just used as a walk through. The upper floor was just used as storage as was the lower floor for useless junk!.

In the late 1990s the Telephone Shed (West Cottage) disappeared for good when the whole of the building was converted into flats, the door to where the telephone shed entrance was is shown in the far right of image

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