Upper Cottage is shows up the stone staircase. It is a two bedroom flat with a living room, coal fire and average kitchen. The kitchen used to be small like lower cottage but in 1982 my father converted the kitchen making it larger. When this part of the building was extended from the main castle there were no access to this part of the building at all from the east side of the building, access was through wooden stairs and entrance in the main yard with a door in the now bedroom and living room.

It is unknown what this part of the building was used for prior to it being converted into the cottage. It is more than likely it was used for storage for the stables that looked after the many horses the estate used in the previous centuries.

Upper cottage never had an indoor toilet when it was converted, the main bedroom was much bigger and the toilet was located in the end shed. I would guess that baths would have been taken in a makeshift bath in the flat and hot water from the wash house boiler used. Roughly in the 1960s the indoor bathroom/toilet was added thus making the outdoor one redundant.

At the top of the stairs there used to be a wooden veranda, however in the late 1990s this was removed exposing the walls

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