During the 1980s and early 1990s there were 3 tractors in use, a Massey Ferguson 135, two International and one David Brown 1412.  As there was only one working farm, that being Campbelton the two Internationals were the main tractors in use. The Massey Ferguson was transported from Ladyland Estate in Kilbirnie (also owned by the Hunter family), 18 miles from Hunterston in the early 1980s mainly for use around the castle and gardens. The David Brown was also brought in from Ladyland and that was used for moving sillage and bales of hay as it had the front forks which the Internationals did not have.

The Massey Ferguson was in reasonable state of repair but was suffering a bit of rust, so another similar one was bought from a neighbouring farm. The tractor engine was past it and not usable but various parts of the shell was used to repair the one that came from ladyland to create a virtually new machine.

At that time the pylons coming from the power stations were getting rewired and also painted. The pylons were grey and the concrete base was red. After the pylons were painted the workmen left tins of paint laying at the base and it ended up being used to paint the tractor and the trailer. To this day the paintwork looks good as the paint was very long lasting and weather proof.
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