Goldenberry Farm was located to the south west of the castle and is roughly 690 meters from the shoreline. The farm was responsible for 160 acres of land but at this present time not sure what was farmed here.

In the 1950s land around the farm was compulsory bought to build a nuclear power station. The buildings still stood till late 2013 and were less than 3 meters from the security fence of the nuclear power plants although they lay derelict and slowly rotting away. In December 2013 they were demolished to make way for a DC/AC Converter station as part of the power grid.

To the east of the farm was a cottage which was used by estate employees but in recent years it was rented out and no longer off estate use, but like the farm it was also demolished. Due to the location of the farm it had its own water tank due to being too far from the public water system. All the water is gathered from the neighbouring Goldenberry Hill and fed into the underground tank.

The farm was was built in the mid 1800s and was in use until the late 1950s, however after the power stations were built all farming moved to over to Campbelton Farm and the buildings just used for storage. There was a farm worker who lived in the farm house till 1982 before moving to the cottage 200 meters away and after this the farm buildings started to decay. The cottage was built in the early 1920s.

Images below show the farm in 1950 before the power station was built and what it looks like today. There are also 3d images showing what the farm would once have looked like, and what it looked like prior to it being demolished.
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