Hillhouse Farm was located to the west of the castle, about 50 meters from the shore of the River Clyde. It was mainly used to farm potatoes as it used the local sea weed to fertilize the crops. The farm consisted of a  cottage and main house, pig and milking sheds, and an agricultural implement storage shed.

Over the years tenants of the farm have been, back in 1871 a farm servant, in 1881 a ploughman and in 1901 a domestic gamekeeper. In the late 1940s to 1970s the farm buildings were used to house the farm labourers from Campbelton farm.

My father worked as a farmer and lived in Hillhouse cottage, he met my mother, married and I was born in 1972. A few years later we all moved to the castle buildings and the farm at Hillhouse soon became derelict, although there was still some occupation in the main farm house until 1980.

In the 1950s and 1960s a lot of the land was compulsory bought to build the power stations, although the land was not used to build anything the local power authority owned the land. In 2000 the owners of the land British Nuclear Fuels Ltd demolished the farm and all that remains is a pile of rubble.

3d recreation of what Hillhouse Farm looked like
3d recreation of what Hillhouse Farm looked like
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