The Power Station road was named as it goes to the Power Stations. It was a purpose built road specifically for the station traffic and starts at the Hunterston Roundabout and terminates at Hawking Craig.

Part of the road is no longer in use as the oilrig road is now used for Power Station traffic until it rejoins the Power Station Road and the former part of the Power Station Road is now used for the construction yard but it will always be known as the Power Station Road.

When the road was first built the roundabout did not exist and the road ran parallel to Largs Avenue and came out on the A78 main road where the bus stop is now located, however when the oilrig site and British steel yards were built the road was realigned cutting Largs Avenue in two and creating a new roundabout called the Hunterston Roundabout.

The road cuts though the Largs Avenue and passes along the Hunterston Sands. From this road you can see all the bird and sea wildlife that live along here.
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