Goldenberry Road starts opposite the castle gate and travels uphill past Campbelton and Hillhouse Roads towards the power stations.

The road is about 1 mile long and terminates at the security fence of Hunterston B power station. The road prior to the power stations getting built used to continue to the shoreline.

Prior to 1920 the east part of Goldenberry Road was different as Castle Avenue had not been built yet. From the junction of Hillhouse Road and Campbelton Road it went in a straight line coming out on the old road, but the road was realigned and now curved round parallel with Castle Avenue with Rhododendrons separating the two roads.

The road cuts though the Largs Avenue and passes along the Hunterston Sands. From this road you can see all the bird and sea wildlife that live along here.

In 2012 Goldenberry Road got an extention, due to the new Western Link Convertor facility the road was extended to surround the new buildings, but is fenced off with a secure gated entry.
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