In 1974 work started to build the construction yard and reclaiming land from the sea. To build the site a new road was made this is now called the Oil Rig Road, it started at the Hunterston Roundabout and made its way to the sea but as it would have crossed the power station road they built a bailey bridge and continued across the road and out into the middle of the River Clyde.

Some of the land below Campbelton Farm had been used to build the British Steel yard but some more was used to build the construction site.

The actual site is quite big and was at the border of the deep river Clyde channel so made ideal to build things here and float them out. The first to be built was a base for an oil rig and then it was a Trident Submarine Dry Dock followed by a Gravity Base Tank.

During the period after the oilrig was built I used to go fishing off the pier and can say it was so easy, as you would drop a mackerel trace and within minutes you would be reeling in 6 fish.

The site has lay empty since 1996 and no permanent use has been found for the site
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Oilrig (Maureen Alpha)
Trident Dry Dock
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Gravity Base Tank
What the construction yard looks like now
Wind Turbines
Weather Mast