The white gate is located to the west of the main castle buildings on the "Old Road". It is named the old road as this used to be the main road network prior to the A78 being built. All foot traffic, horse and cart, and motorised vehicles used to traverse along here. The old road passes the castle westward and soon becomes a fork. The right fork continues towards the village of Fairlie whereas the left fork goes towards the mansion house using Moory Nooke Road. On this left fork is the white gate.

It is known as the white gate as it is painted white, for no other reason. It is a solid cast iron heavy gate with two stone pillars. On one of the pillars is the inscription "Moory Nooke Gate". This is the official name for the gate however it has always been known as the white gate.

For many years now the gate has not been in use and has stayed closed as access to the mansion house has always been via the "Bulls Gate" and using Castle Avenue.
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Moory Nooke Gate in 2012 Close up of the gate post with inscribed name in 2012 Moory Nooke Gate in the 1920s
Moory Nooke Gate in 2012