You will find the Avenue Gate on the North West side of the estate near the River Clyde at the junction of Old Road / Largs Avenue and Netherton Avenue.

The gate used to be located at the end of Largs Avenue coming out at the A78 main road, but when the new British Steel Ore Terminal was built in the mid 1970s it was dismantled and relocated to where it is now. Prior to it being moved it was called Hunterston Gate.

The avenue gate has two tall sandstone pillars and a wooden gate identical to the Bulls gate. During the 1980s and 90s the gate remained closed and locked with the only access to the mansion house being via the bulls gate, but more recently the gate has been left open.

During the storms of the last few years one of the sandstone pillars has suffered damage, the fancy heavy top of one pillar has fallen off and not been replaced.

The pillars are a Category B listed structure and comprise of a Square, rusticated, stone pier with dentilled entablatures; urn finials decorated with shell ornament; low curved screen walls and smaller terminal piers.

The pillars no longer belong to Hunterston Estate since 1974 and are owned by EDF energy who operate Hunterston B Power Station.
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Railings in 2012 Gate Post in 2012 Gate post ornament in 2012 Gate post ornament in 2012 Avenue Gate in 2012 The original location of Hunterston Gate in the early to mid 1970s, you can also see the work in background building the ore terminal Hunterston Gate in early to mid 1970s Hunterston Gate in early to mid 1970s
Railings in 2012