The Hunterston Marsh is located between the Nuclear Power Station and Stoney Port. It was created by total accident due to bad drainage and also the high tides that happened frequently.

During the 1970s and 80s the land was regularly drained and the last time this was done was in 1988, however since then nothing was done due to the effort taken in this task so the land was left as it was. There is a drain that goes from the field and under the Power Station Road out into Stoney Port and whenever there was a high tide the water would flow up the drain into the field making it into a wetland.

As no drainage was ever maintained the land became more and more flooded and the pipe below the road became filled with sediment that the water was never able to escape from the field and this is when the Marsh was created.

No effort has been made to fix the drains and the marsh remains to this day, it now attracts many kinds of wildlife and is a favourite spot for bird watchers and other wildlife enthusiasts to view nature in its natural setting despite its close proximity to the industrial developments that surround it.
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