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Of the Hunterston line Crawford says that he had very carefully perused their writs and that from charters they appear to have had at least a part of the estate they possess in Cunningham while the Morvilles were lords of that country as far back as the reign of Alexander II (between 1214 and 1249). From Mungo or Quintegern Hunter the tenth in possession of Hunterston and the ninth in direct descent from Norman le Hunter above mentioned descended the Hunters of Abbotshill Andrew Hunter, DD, the eighth of this family was the eldest son of Andrew Hunter Esq of Park, writer to the signet and Grizel Maxwell a daughter of General Maxwell of Car doness in the stewartry of Kirkcudbright one of those who, at the Revolution accompanied the prince of Orange to England He was bom at Edinburgh in 1743 and having studied for the church was in 1767 licensed by the presbytery of Edinburgh.

In 1770 he was presented to the New church of Dumfries and soon after he sold Abbotshill and pnrchased Barjarg in Nithsdale which had previously belonged to James Erskine of Barjarg and Alva one of the lords of session and which is now the designation of the elder branch of the Hunterston family. In 1779 Dr Hunter was presented to the New Greyfriars church Edinburgh and whilst there was appointed the colleague of Dr Hamilton in the divinity professorship of the university. In 1786 he was translated to the Tron church of that city. Several of his sermons on particular occasions have been published. He died on 21st April 1809.

By his wife Marion Shaw eldest daughter of the sixth Lord Napier he had four children His eldest son William Francis Hunter of Barjarg advocate married Jane St Aubyn daughter and eventually heiress of Francis St Aubyn of Collin Mixton by Jane Arundel coheiress of the Arundels of Tolveme and Truthall in Cornwall and through them representative of the earls of Devon. In compliance with the wishes of his wife he assumed the name of Arundel. Dr Hunter's youngest son the Rev John Hunter was appointed in 1832 one of the ministers of the Tron church Edinburgh. From the Hunters of Abbotshill, the Hunters of Doonholm, and Bonnytown, Ayrshire the Hunters of Thurston East Lothian and the Hunters of Brown hill of whom Sir David Hunter Blair of Blairquhan Ayrshire is the head are descended.

The above mentioned Mungo Hunter of Hunterston's eldest son, Robert succeeded to the estate and was one of the Ayrshire gentlemen who subscribed the band in defence of the reformed religion 4th September 1562. His grandson Patrick Hunter of Hunterston was a member of the committee of war for Ayrshire during the troubled time of 1647 and in 1662 he was fined £600 by one of the arbitrary acts of the earl of Middleton.

His third son Francis is supposed to have been ancestor of the Hunters of Long Calderwood in Lanarkshire of which family was the celebrated Dr William Hunter and his brother John the eminent surgeon and anatomist memoirs of whom are subsequently given. Their sister Jane was the mother of the celebrated Dr Matthew Baillie and the distinguished poetess Joanna Baillie.

Patrick's eldest son Robert Hunter of Hunterston had four sons. The second son Robert acquired by purchase in 1686 the lands of Kirkland Ayrshire and was the ancestor of that family. The fourth son John was father of General Robert Hunter who died governor of Jamaica in 1734 and was ancestor by his lady Elizabeth daughter and heiress of Sir Thomas Orby of Burton Pedwardine in the county of Lincoln baronet and widow of Lord John Hay second son of the second marquis of Tweeddale of the Orby Hunters of Croyland Abbey Linncolnshire. The male line of the family of Hunterston terminated with Robert Hunter of Hunterston who died in 1796 leaving a daughter Eleonora who married her cousin Robert Caldwell when the latter assumed the name of Hunter having in his wife's right become proprietor of the estate of Hunterston.

He died in 1826 leaving issue
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