In the year 1826 an explination of the Hunter Linage was written, here is what was wrote:-

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HUNTER ROBERT esq of Hunter or Huntereston in the county of Ayr, a magistrate and deputy lieutenant for that shire born in 1799 inherited the estates and representation of this ancient family at the demise of his father in 1826. Mr Hunter is an advocate at the Scottish bar

This surname says Robertson is obviously derived from the chase. Before the use of fixed family names as at present, professional and personal distinctives appear very generally to have been adopted; hence the multiplicity of appellatives so originating. In reference however to names allusive to the pursuits of the field exercises, common to all in the more early periods of history something more special would seem implied, thus to confer par excellence, such distinctions in all probability the possession of an appropriate hereditary office

The famed superiority of the Normans in all venatic accomplishments  would doubtless recommend many individuals of that people after their settlement in the neighbouring kingdom to the notice of the Scottish princes and barons. From all that can now be gathered of the history of times so remote there is reason for concluding this to have been the case

Such persons then coming amongst a rude people would naturally be distinguished from their country and pursuits. In the castles and domains of the great barons who were lords of entire bailiwicks, appropriated frequently for the accommodation of the sovereign various offices exclusively belonging to the sports of the field existed. Johne le Hunter de la Foreste de Paisley, and Hugh and Richard the hunters of Strag rife appear in the Rag Roll, as also does Aylmer de la Hunter of the county of Ayr supposed to have been an ancestor of the family.

Two ancient families of the name of "Hunter" existed in Scotland for many centuries "Hunter" of Polinood in Tweeddale now extinct and "Hunter" of Hunterston the present chief of the Hunters.

Of the Hunterston line Craufurd states that he had very carefully perused their writs and that from charters they appear to have had at least a part of the estate they still possess in Cunninghame, while the  Morvilles were lords of that country as far back as the reign of "Alexander II". In the remarks on the Rag Roll it is stated that in an ancient bounding charter the lands of Arnele Hunter, adjoining to Hunterston are bounded with terris "Normani Venatoris" the presumed ancestor of the family before us.

The first in the pedigree of whom any certain record now remains "William Hunter" obtained a charter from Robert II. "Willmi.Hunt-totam ter'am de Arnele cumpt que fuit Andre Campbell militis...apud St Welyne sedo.die.Maij.anno.rgni.nri.Q'rto" (1375).

The lands here alluded to appear to have been part of the barony of Arnele from which they were subsequently distinguished as Arnele Hunter. They are now called Campbelton and are still possessed by Hunterston. The son or more probably the grandson of this William Hunter another "William Hunter" of Hunterston acquired by sasine dated 4th March 1452 the lands of Highlees in the parish of Dalry Ayrshire from Andrew Linn of that Ilk. He was by his son "Archibald Hunter" of Hunterston father by his wife Jane Craufurd of the family of Crosby of "John Hunter" of Hunterston who married Margaret, fourth daughter of John, second Lord Cathcart by Margaret daughter of Sir William Douglas of Drumlanrig, and left a son and successor

"Robert Hunter" of Hunterston infeft on the 5th September 1517 in the island of Lamlash who married  Margaret Craufurd also of the Crosby family and was sired by his son. "Robert Hunter" of Hunterston who obtained the Isle of Little Cumbrae in 31st May 1527, the lands of Annanhill on 22nd November 1531 and had also on the 6th December 1535 a charter from the crown of the five merk land of Campbellton.

He married Janet daughter of Montgomery of Giffen and relict of John Craufurd of Craufurd land and had with a daughter who married John Craufurd of Gifford land a son and successor. "Mungo or Quintegern Hunter" of Hunterston served heir to his father in 1540 who married a daughter of James Hamilton of Torrance and falling at Pinkie, 10th September 1647 left with other issue from whom descended it is presumed the present "William Francis Hunter Arundell" esq of Barjarg and Abbotshill a son and successor.

"Robert Hunter" of Hunterston one ol the Ayrshire gentlemen who subscribed the band in defence of the reformed religion 4th September 1562 and acquired the lands of South Kames on the Isle of Bute for which he had a charter from the crown dated 2nd November 1678. He wedded Margaret daughter of Thomas Cranfurd of Auchnames by Marion daughter of Montgomery of Hazleheadee and had two sons  "Robert"  his heir Francis Jean who married the Rev Robert Cunninghame minister of Barnweil brother to Hugh Cunninghame of Carlung and had two daughters "Jean Cunninghame" who married "Patrick Hunter". Catherine Cunninghame married to Robert Cunninghame of Auchinharvie.
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