Inner Brigurd Point and Brigurd Point covers an area from the south side of the construction yard to Stoney Port. The area where the Roman pier is and aprox half way to the low tide mark is called Inner Brigurd Point and from mid tide mark to low water mark is called Brigurd Point.

At Brigurd Point there is a large rock that has been there for years, it is not known where it came from although stories have suggested it rolled down from Kaim Hill in the early 19th century and been here since although thats never been proved or disproved but it has been here for at least 60 years. Where the rock is located the sea can be very deep once the tide is in so it would not save you standing on it!.

Brigurd Point is a very good place to find seaweed. During the peak farming times when ground needed fertilising seaweed was used often as much more reliable than traditional methods. All along this area there are many varieties of bird life and seals like to frequent here too due to the warmer waters from the power station outflow
The Hunterston Rock
The Hunterston Rock
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