The Barrel Vault, but also known as the Dungeon is located on the Ground Floor of the castle and is shaped with a curved roof. This part of the building supports the main castle structure and the walls are roughly 4 feet thick. When the castle was first built the vault would have been used to store foods and grain to keep them fresh.

The main access to the vault was through an opening in the sitting room above but it is also suggested that the vault was used as a dungeon and enemies were thrown down the hatch into the depths below.

When the new extension to the castle was built in the 17th century a new opening door was made to the vault for general storage purposes, and shortly after 1915 the building that was attached to the castle was removed and the wall was cut away with huge wooden doors added making access to this area more usable for farm workers storing farm equipment.

In the late 1990s this door was removed and the wall reinstated to what it would have once looked like when the castle was built.
Gun Loop Window
Gun Loop Window
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